My Orchid Vault(MOV) is a personal orchid data management system designed with orchid growers and hybridizers in mind.  MOV is an elegent, yet simple database that is both pleasing and easy to use.   This is not your average enterprise software with grey color palettes and blocky layouts.   We know you grow orchids because they are aesthetically pleasing, so why not use a software system for managing them that you enjoy just as much. 



The MOV system was originally designed for our own personal needs at Sapphire Dragon Orchids and quickly evolved into a tool that we felt would meet the needs of a range of orchid growers, hybridizers and hobbiests.  We hope you enjoy using My Orchid Vault as much as we do.


How to Purchase MOV

Custom Database Design

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My Orchid Vault comes in two flavors, Standard and Pro.   While we believe most growers are going to want all of the features available in Pro, we wanted to make MOV accessible to smaller growers that don't need a lot of bells and whistles and may not want to pay the full price for MOV Pro. 

Please Note:  MOV is designed to run on only one computer.  At this time we do not support multiple computer configurations.  Please install and register MOV on the computer that you intend to run it on. 

These are a few of the features that you will find in My Orchid Vault. We believe you will find the system to be very comprehensive, but we are always open to adding new features.

Home View

This is the starting view when you first launch My Orchid Vault.  From this page you can access the help system, administrative functions, print functions, and go to the different record management screens and functions. 










Main Record View

The main record view is the primary area for keeping records on your orchids. This section offers a clean and simple view for entering data and later reviewing/researching information on your plants. Full purchasing information can be stored here as well as the number of plants you have in your collection of individual cultivars.

The Parents section allows you to assign the record of another orchid as the pod and/or pollen parent. These connected records will then populate the Genealogy view.

The Notes area automatically enters a date and time stamp each time you journal an entry into notes.






Photo View

This view allows you store up to 6 photos of 640 x 480 resolution in a given orchid record.   The first photo is the default photo that will appear in other views anytime this orchid is referenced. 










Genealogy View

Genealogy View automatically displays the parentage of the orchid in your default record up to three generations back. The family tree is only generated from linked data that you have stored in the database. This view was designed to allow the hybridizer or collector to see the a family tree of his/her own crosses and all the related parents that exist in his collection.

Please Note:
You must have an individual record stored in the database for every parent that will appear in the family tree. This system is not intended to replace research tools like Sanders and does not link into other databases. The information displayed is only as extensive as the data you have entered into My Orchid Vault.






Hybridizer View

Hybridizer view is where the real power and versatility of this system becomes apparent.   This view is the first level view for linking hybrids to your stud plants already entered in the system and storing high level data about your hybrids. 


- Cross Status including completion, first bloom and registration tracking
- Lab Status including cross dates, harvest times, lab dates and tracking of plants in the lab and greenhouse.
- Ability to track historic green and dry pod harvest times for your stud plants and use that data to calcuate estimates harvest times for crosses.
- Ploidy information tracking
- Searches for find crosses at various stages including crosses to be created, harvested and registered.
- Notes section that includes a automated date and time stamp for keeping detailed records.


My Orchid Vault Pro - Advanced Views

The Pro version of My Orchid Vault comes with additional views that allow you to keep highly detailed records on multi-aspects of your orchids.  Most of these views are designed for Hybridizers that are running their own lab.  There are also some advanced features like Grow Manager that Hobbyiests will find very helpful.

- Grow Manager let's you track when you need to report orchids, when they were last potted, and if you set up potting mixes in Formula Manager, you associate a potting mix with your plant.

- Awards View gives you fields for tracking awards data and place to mark orchids that you want to take for judging in the future.

- Lab Status Detail View gives you additional fields for tracking your crosses in the lab at each stage.  Additional sections for tracking mericloning, stem props, and other lab treatments are included.

- Pollen Storage View gives you fields for tracking the dates and amounts stored.

- Formula Manager gives you the ability to set up different forums and then associate them with the different steps tracked in the Lab Status Detail View.

- Lab Notes provides an area for keeping additional lab details.





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